• Dead Man's Cake by David Barrows
  • HouseMusic by David Barrows
  • earRotator by David Barrows
  • Canto Al Poeta by Rafael Manriquez and David Barrows

Hounds of Renown

An independent record label based in London, UK.
New album! Dead Man's Cake by David Barrows!

Welcome to Hounds of Renown Records.  We are an independent label established in 1996 in Oakland, California, USA, and now based in London, UK.  The label is owned by David Barrows, who created the label to release recordings of his own music and his collaborations with other artists.  Our diverse catalog reflects Dave’s eclectic musical adventures.

Latest Releases:

Dead Man’s Cake
January 1, 2012
By dbsaxman_wpadmin
September 11, 2004
By dbsaxman_wpadmin
Canto Al Poeta
January 1, 2001
By dbsaxman_wpadmin
House Music
January 1, 1999
By dbsaxman_wpadmin